All our yachts are fully equipped. All the equipment you need in the cabines and kitchen are ready. Extra towels, beddings and other provisions that will make you feel at home are available for your service. Also, a dinghy and an outboard are present at all our yachts.

Most importantly, all these equipment and provisions are offered cost free by Suda Sailing.

Nature is life!

As you know, every yacht must have a used water (black water) tank. This tank collects all lavatory waste, but all other waste water is usually dumped into the beautiful seas. This waste include soap, shampoo, detergent and oil that are extremely harmful to our nature.

Suda Sailing has made all necessary investment to prevent all waste water being dumped into the seas, and has placed a grey tank next to the waste water (black water) tank. Other words, Suda Sailing has prevented the dumping of any waste water into the seas.

We await you to the environmentally-friendly yachts of Suda Sailing, and hope you notice this important detail while chartering yachts in the future.


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