The door to the heaven on earth!

Suda Sailing is located in Ören town.

Oren town is located at the center of the north shore of Gokova Gulf, 55 km away from the Bodrum airport, 40 km south to Milas (a town of Mugla).

Oren is a calm, peaceful holiday location with a long beach filled with colorful beach umbrellas. It is where the pine forests and the bluest waters meet.

The town is named after the son of Dionysos and Ariadne, and the founder of pottery art Keramos, whose myths still travel around the town.

In the Karyan period, the town was known as Keramos which means pottery in Greek. In time, the name changed into Gereme. At one point in history, it was called Kemerdere because of the antique aqueducts in the Kocacay valley. Today, the town is called Oren, which means ruins.

Mediterenian climate dominates the town of Oren. Annual temperature averages around 20°C. This temperature rises to 32 - 34°C between July and August. The temperature does not fall below 10°C in winters. Oren is warm and rainy in winter; hot and dry in summers.

Water temperature averages around 22°C. It rises to 24 - 26°C during August and September. The Southwest wind from the Gokova Gulf acts like a natural air conditioning both in winters and summers.

Since the town is located in a pine forest, the humidity level remains in the minimums and the oxygen levels are high. Therefore, the doctors recommend Oren to patients of bronchitis and rheumatism.

Oren’s central location in Gokova Gulf, proximity to Bodrum airport and the opening of Gokova Oren Marina in 2015 make Oren the greatest candidate for being the top sailing/yachting location in the whole region.

"I sailed on the all seas of the world. But if you are looking for a heaven on the earth, that is Gokova Gulf."
Captain Cousteau
“Mermaid saw the Heaven in her dream and travelled all over the oceans and crossed horizons to find this “Heaven” in her dream. She went through continents, islands and coves until she got to GOKOVA.”
Sadun Boro


Heaven on earth!

Gokova Gulf stretches like a triangle in the west-east direction, Bodrum to its north and in the middle of the peninsula Resadiye (Datca) to the south.

Known as Kerameikos in the first age, the gulf is later known as Istankoy and Kerme. The name Gokova is used for the whole gulf, which used to denote the old gulf’s eastern part.

Gokova Gulf is a Sailing center with the greenest pine forests touching the goergeous coasts, with its crystal clear waters and historical remnants.

You can experience a number of different coves in Gökova, but the following ones you should not miss:

  • İngiliz Limanı 36° 55’ 19” N - 28° 09’ 25” E
  • Hırsız Koyu 36° 55’ 24” N - 28° 09’ 33” E
  • Okluk Koyu 36° 55’ 06” N - 28° 10’ 09” E
  • Löngöz 36° 56' 3" N - 28° 5' 54" E
  • Şehir Adaları (Sedir Adası) 36° 59' 39" N - 28° 12' 26" E
  • Karacasöğüt 36° 56' 33" N - 28° 11' 11" E
  • Yedi Adalar 36° 52' 32" N - 28° 1 '56" E
  • Küfre Koyu 36° 52' 54" N - 28° 3' 27" E
  • Babuş Bükü 36° 52' 23" N - 28° 3' 11" E
  • Uzun Liman 36° 52' 2" N - 28° 2' 58" E
  • Çamaltı Koyu 36° 51' 32" N - 28° 1' 16" E
  • Maden Koyu 36° 49' 51" N - 28° 3' 9" E
  • Küçük Çatı Koyu 36° 47' 29" N - 28° 1' 20" E
  • Büyük Çatı Koyu 36° 47' 34.09" N - 28° 0' 54.09" E
  • Gerence – Armonika Koyu 36° 47' 54" N - 27° 59' 28" E


Suda yachts are located in Gokova Oren Marina, which was established in 2015.

How would you like to pass through the heaven on earth with ?

37° 01' 67" N - 27° 59' 28" E


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