If you wish to own a yacht but have hesitations on the general costs or if you own a yacht but enjoy it in certain times of year and bear annual costs, then our Yacht Management service is just for you.

In this service, you can have a chance to get rid off your yacht’s expenses, and avoid worries about its security and maintenance. It is possible to turn your yacht into a money making investment.

Service Workstream

Suda officers assess wheter the yact you wish to buy or you own is suitable for chartering. If it is, then the yacht is taken into Suda Yacht Management program.

The yacht’s age, brand, model, accommodation configuration and the period you wish to use your yacht will directly influence its annual income. After the assessments, our team provides you the necessary additions (revisions, equipment) and maintenance work, along with the expected annual income.

After the above stage and the singing of the contract, Suda Sailing will undertake and start the harbouring, security, insurance, maintenance, marketing and renting of your yacht.

  • Being a yacht owner is no longer about expenses and occupation, but rather becomes an enjoyable investment.
  • Marina, insurance, maintenance and similar yacht expenses will decrease to current Suda Sailing’s agreement levels.
  • You discard all responsibility of your yacht’s marina, security, insurance and maintenance.
  • Your yacht’s value is preserved/increased since it is constantly clean, well kept and under the surveillance of professionals.
  • Your yacht is prepared for sail on the dates that you set.

You can contact us from the link below if you wish to acquire more information about this service and be informed about the unique work we can do for you.


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