If you enjoy your yacht on certain times of the year, and do not want to worry about its security and maintenance, Yacht Supervision is just for you.

Yacht Supervision saves you from the time-consuming and dull occupations of your yacht, and helps you to ultimately enjoy being a yacht owner.

Service Workspread

Our officials assess the current services (marina, maintenance) your yacht benefits and determine how to cut expenses based on Suda’s ongoing arrangements.

Our officials prioritize and report you the necessary work that should be done to your yacht; upon your approval, they start the procedures.

A periodic maintenance table is created for your yacht, and is applied upon your approval.

Your yacht remains under surveillance 7/24 by professionals and stays secure.

All systems on your yacht are activated and checked weekly.

When the yacht remains inactive, a periodic cleaning table is created and applied upon your approval.

  • Marina, insurance, maintenance and similar yacht expenses will decrease to current Suda Sailing’s agreement levels.
  • You discard all responsibility of your yacht’s marina, security, insurance and maintenance.
  • Your yacht is prepared for sail on the dates that you set.
  • On the dates that you wish to sail your yacht, you can benefit from Suda Sailing VIP transfer and shopping services.

You can contact us from the link below if you wish to acquire more information about this service and be informed about the unique work we can do for you.


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